Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time will tell

Today, for over two and a half hours, Dr. Blessing and Deanna Baker worked to repair the damage to HARVEY's left wing. And at this point it was a success but as the title said, time will tell. The two bones between his wrist and elbow were broken. The largest one (ulna) was in four pieces as you can see in the xray below. The smaller (radius) in two. HARVEY is now sporting two pieces of steel in his wing holding the pieces in alignment. I'll have a new xray of the "after" shot for you to see in a couple days. By the way, there are other pellets showing in his body on the "after" xray.

As with any surgery, there are risks and the first to overcome is making it through the night as that was a long time for such a small bird to be under anesthesia. If all goes well this spunky bird will be staying in a small cage for about six weeks. Then we'll re-xray the wing to see how it's doing and if we can remove the pins.

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