Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Awesome shooting

Some birds are just darn lucky that humans are around when needed. This series of photos were taken by Utah photographer Keith Cauley when he was out taking pictures of the eagles that frequent an area near where he lives. Many months ago he'd been responsible for saving the lives of two other golden eagles. He had been watching them on different days and realized that something just wasn't quite right. He called the UT DNR who came out, gathered the birds up and took them to Debbie Pappas at Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation (see links) in Price, UT.

In the case of this adult female it was outstanding luck she was spotted. As you can see, she's caught about 35' up in a tree by one leg. Again Keith called the UT DNR who came loaded for bear but the only thing this sharp shooter killed was the branch the eagle was trapped in. The guys holding the blanket caught the bird as she dropped. Off to Debbie for some TLC.

Wow, takes my breath away to see such a thing done and I'm glad to say there is a happy ending. I got a message from Debbie today that the eagle, SWAN, is doing just great and hopefully will be returned to that area and her mate, if she has one.

Super job everyone !

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