Saturday, October 1, 2011

Famous friend

Last weekend the annual Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale took place here in Cody. One of the events is a Quick Draw where 30+ artists have one hour to produce something that will then be auctioned off at the end of that time. Over the years I've had my birds used as models and the person who used them the most is famous artist, Pati Stajcar from CO. The first was my amazing old redtail, BUSTER. Then she used IKE, a friends peregrine falcon. This year she used two of my bunnies, a fuzzy minilop and another crossbred.

Her piece came out just beautifully and was sold for many hundreds of dollars to three people in the audience. I mean that each person got their own bronze, they didn't split the one.

Thanks Pati for making that day such fun. I look forward to seeing you and Dave next year and hope to have another bird or animal for you to work your magic on.

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