Friday, October 28, 2011

He's back in the air

Yesterday I drove back to north of Clark and released TROOPER ROCCO. He didn't stay here very long but after proving to me that he could fly strong he was ready to return to where he was found. He made three long flights as we watched and amazingly enough was soon being followed by an adult golden we'd spotted sitting on a hilltop when we stopped the car.

Thanks to Susan Osborne and Sammi Bray for joining in the release. Susan has taken videos of the past three releases and you can see them in one of the videos shown in the upper right of this blog. Just click on the one of me holding an eagle (it's TR) and you can see it unfold. Also included is a redtail release and the start of one for PATCH, the golden shown below. Unfortunately the only thing we got was me holding her just before I released her. Enjoy.

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