Saturday, October 1, 2011

Aching head

No, this isn't Mae West altho the area is very large. This is TROOPER ROCCO, a male adult golden eagle found along the Badger Basin Road about five miles east of the Belfry Hiway. He'd obviously been eating a meal when struck by a vehicle but there isn't anything broken. He does have a bit of a squinty left eye and a cut on his left foot but other than that no other damage that I can see.

Because this is an adult and in excellent condition, he weighs 7.5#, he will be returned to that area for release when he's ready. I certainly won't have to give him hunting lessons but will caution him not to look to the roads for his next meal.

Thanks to Highway Patrol Trooper Hardesty for standing guard over this injured bird until I got there.

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