Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out and about.....finally

Today I drove the 30 miles to do my eagle nest monitoring. Three of us have been doing this for weeks now, never thinking this baby eagle would ever fledge. He's about three to four weeks behind the others being monitored.

Today when I got there I finally found him above the nest in a weedy area. He was eating and calling at the same time, did so for about a half hour. Over the next hour and a half he finished his meal and started walking. As you can see by the photo, he made it quite far to the highest point on the cliff. He's the bump on the top of the rock to the left in the picture. The nest is on the far right side of the photo.

I was hoping he'd fly while I was there but he just sat there preening and vocalizing. With his crop so full he may have just been looking for his parents.

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