Monday, July 4, 2011

Lucky baby

This baby Red-tailed Hawk was found yesterday after being blown out of his nest. The bad part is that the nest was about three stories high. Luckily he has enough wing feathers so his frantic flapping turned into a controled crash. He was found in the town of Cowley, about an hours drive from here. The family who found him, the Hedges, called me, gathered him up, put him in a box and met me in Byron.

His name is SPENSER and is very thin. Perhaps he was the last hatched and already being smaller due to the fact he's a male, he received less food. Last night he received fluids and mouse pieces which he readily ate.

When he's ready he'll be handed over to one of my sub-permittees, both are licensed master falconers, trained to hunt and be ready for life in the wild.

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