Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't you dare!

Or the caption could be "Just try it, come on, make my day". This is SQUIRREL, an adult female Cooper's Hawk brought in yesterday evening by Rick King, the Lovell WGF warden. She was found near the center of town unwilling to fly altho I can't find anything broken. There is some bruising on her left wing so perhaps she hit a window while chasing her favorite meal, a small bird.

She will be x-rayed as soon as possible and if nothing is wrong I'll put her in a flight area so she can prove to me she's able to fly strong enough to be taken back where she was found. As she may have a mate there she will be returned to that same area. Hopefully, if she does have chicks, they've already fledged and are well on their way to an independent life.

Note: The x-rays show no damage at all. She's a fiesty bird, punched through my leather glove as I was gathering her up for the trip to the vet. She is certainly quick with her feet. The good news is she also ate most of the half quail I put in her cage. This weekend she'll go into the flight area for some needed exercise.

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