Thursday, May 8, 2014

The other two

Today Sheila and I moved BONNIE 3 out of her mew to ready it for the two remaining baby GHO's. It has a safe box for the babies to hide in plus a place for the foster moms to sit either in with them or above on the box top. There is also a branch leading to another perch for when the babies are old enough to venture out of their nest area.

We went back to the area where they were found but no adults or nest site were seen. Therefore, they will remain here in the care of the resident adult owls.

They have two foster moms, SMIDGE and her roomie who raised two babies last year and did an awesome job. When the babies are older and about fledged they will all go back into the owl habitat so they'll have room enough to fly around and make strong muscles so they'll survive back in the wild.

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