Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another tragedy

This time it's another baby Great Horned Owl who paid the price along with one sibling and an adult. All three were found under a power line transformer just into Montana near Frannie. This baby was alive when found but the damage to his body was so bad he had no use of his legs at all. The sibling and adult were already dead.

As you can see in the post mortem photos, there are singed feathers near his beak and both his upper and lower eyelids are bruised and burned. Such a waste when it could be prevented by putting covers over certain wires on the transformers. The power company will be notified and they will be required to do just that.

This is the seventh baby GHO I've received in the past couple weeks. So far five have survived, one already released and the others will also go back to the wild when they're ready.

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