Friday, May 30, 2014

Here's another batch of babies, this time it's Black-billed Magpies. They came in three batches but are from the same litter. Apparently their nest tree was cut down without knowing they were there. As the parents weren't in sight they were brought here. I rarely get non-raptors but today is the exception.

First it was the six Black-capped Chickadees, now these seven magpies. Not all the mouths are open in the photo but they certainly were when I put the camera down and picked up their food dish. When they're old enough I'll return them to the area they came from as it must be very good for magpies to live and breed.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 6/10. All the babies have been released in an awesome spot. There's lots of trees, grass, a nice stream and lots of places for them to live. And within about 15 seconds of their release an adult came by to say hello. It didn't hurt them, just checked them out and flew off.

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