Thursday, May 8, 2014

One down, two to go

Today my visiting friend, Sheila, and I drove back to the area where little CHOMP was originally found. I was astounded when we pulled up to the bridge he had been rescued from and there, sitting in the nearby tree, was an adult GHO. Probably his mom from the size of the bird. We parked and walked that direction to replace him in a tree. The adult flew off to another tree but I put him in the one she had originally been perched in.

These photos show me smiling as he was a handful taking out of the crate and getting gathered up enough to release. Then it took a minute to get him on a branch open enough to hold him. The portrait is the best as he's sitting there with the confidence of a born Great Horned Owl. The final photo is a long shot from the bridge showing him in the tree. His mom is in one about two trees farther away.

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