Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From far, far away

This is an amazing tale of survival. The babies in the photo are about 14 day old Chickadee's. The were born in a nest box in CO, about an eight hour drive from Cody. The people who owned the house moved here today and brought all their prized possessions, including a very colorful handmade bird house.

Unknown to them, until just about the time they arrived here, the birdhouse was full. I met them and could barely get my hand inside this tiny house. What came out are these six babies. There is one very small one, in the center, the others are all about the same size. Because they hadn't been fed for so long I gave them each some Ringer's and 5% dextrose for dehydration and then some yummy (to them) mealworms. They are very small but each one of them quickly gaped for food.

Hopefully they will make it and I know the perfect yard to release them in. Mine won't work, chickadees don't come here, but the Neal yard has everything they would wish for.

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