Monday, January 30, 2012


I very rarely receive Merlins as patients but right now there are two living here. HOLLY came in on 12/22 with a broken wing. She goes in tomorrow for a re-xray to see if it's healed enough to remove the pins.

The other Merlin is an immature male, RANCHER, who was found hiding in a crack between bales in a haystack outside of Powell. Luckily the owners spotted him running along the ground and diving into the safe place. I can find nothing wrong with him and as you can see in the top photo, he's just about the handsomest young bird I've seen. He's alert, in great weight so I find no reason why he wouldn't fly. Of course the hurricane force, cold wind, blowing may have had something to do with his trying to find a protective hole. I'll keep him for a while to see if he gets strong enough for release.

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