Friday, February 3, 2012

Number three, so far

TRACY came in yesterday after being found in the middle of Hiway 14 near the turnoff to Byron east of Garland. I would assume that he was either just clipped by a vehicle or he ran into one. There is no damage to this magnificent adult male Golden Eagle so he will be heading back there on Sunday morning, weather permitting.

This is the fourth bird to arrive at IBR this year and the third Golden Eagle. The adult female from near Thermopolis will be released the beginning of next week, again weather permitting.

My beautiful JOSEPHINE, with severe lead poisoning, is making great strides. Her lead level has dropped by half, from 1.59 to .72 after one four day round of medications. She just started the second round last night and will have her blood drawn next Tuesday to see if the count is still dropping. In the meantime, she's able to hold her feet closed and this morning she came within a whisker of standing. I have high hopes for this wonderful bird.

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