Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new home

Today I sent REDDI off to a new home. He's actually in the air as I type heading for The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA (, an awesome facility that is the home of many species of mammals, herps and birds. I've even seen them highlighted on PBS nature programs including one segment of Jarod Miller's Exploration just last Saturday.

This beautiful young bird came to IBR as a partially downy baby just recently fledged. Unfortunately he wasn't very good at steering or landing so ended up with a broken left wing. It was surgically repaired and healed but he was unable to fully extend that wing enough for flying more than short distances.

He is an amazing bird and will make a brilliant educational bird on a fist so they will be using him for their outreach school programs. With a life span, in captivity, of a few decades, he will be impressing audiences for a long time.

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