Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giant step for PRISCILLA

As noted in an earlier post, the baby bald eagle, PRISCILLA, came to me on Thanksgiving Day suffering from severe mercury poisoning. She was unable to fly, wouldn't eat, was extremely aggressive and had a swollen right foot.

Since that time she's made steady progress altho her mercury levels have not gone down at all. I put her in a larger mew a couple weeks ago. For the first week or so I had to cut up her food into small pieces and line them up on top of the perch she was finally able to fly to. Then last week she started eating on her own, whole trout and parts of rabbits and rats.

This morning I put her into my eagle flight barn to see just how strong she has become. She surprised me by flying the entire 80' length and back again. These two photos show her on the tower, a bit higher than I can reach, and on the highest wall perch at the 20' high opposite end of the barn.

She will have her blood drawn one more time next week and then no matter what the test shows I'll take her to a great habitat and release her. As she came in here weighing 10 pounds, a super weight for a baby only 8 months old, she obvioulsy knows how to find and catch food. No training will be needed.

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