Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New magazine

A wonderful friend, licensed falconer and subpermitee, Stacey Huston, has started up a new magazine and I'm sure you will all love it. Here is how Stacey describes this exciting publication...

"This is a wildlife photography magazine about our passions, family, nature and our place in it. This is a first "trial issue" of A "Focus" in the Wild to see what kind of response I get from the public. If it is well received I would like to publish a quarterly magazine, one to highlight each of our magnificent and ever changing seasons. Each issue will feature a person, group, or organization (note that IBR is in featured in this premier issue) that not only loves nature and what it has to offer but also gives back in one way or another. Also, this world is full of talented people and the Spotlight section is dedicated to them be it another wildlife or nature photographer, writer, or artist. A " Focus" in the Wild is about sharing and doing our part to insure that the beautiful natural world we live in is there to nurture future generations. I published a magazine not only because it is affordable but because I wanted it to be accessible to children so people of all ages would feel comfortable looking through it, reading the stories and wrinkling the pages without guilt".

Cost is $5.99 plus shipping and handling from her website (see links section of this blog) (paypal link in right column on her site). Anyone interested in purchasing limited and selective advertising space for future issues can contact her at

Above photo is the cover of this first of hopefully many exciting issues to come.

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