Thursday, January 19, 2012

First of the year

I got a call yesterday from a lady who was following a truck and stock trailer when they passed a dead deer on the side of the road. As the trailer came abreast of the body a golden eagle lifted off and unfortunately couldn't get high enough to miss hitting the side of the trailer. She hit the trailer, it didn't hit her. Luckily Terry, who was driving a big rig for a Powell trucking company, called me. When she said the bird had slowly walked off the road I asked her to see if it could fly by walking towards it. This amazing lady "turned her rig around" and did just that.

The bird couldn't fly but Terry was fully loaded and had to get to Powell so I called Benje Brown in Thermopolis, the nearest WGF warden to where the accident happened. Benje agreed to try and find the bird and he did. I met him at the gas station in Meeteetse and brought the eagle back here.

I'll name her JANUS, which I was told is the word that the month of January is named after. There are no broken bones but she's a bit frazzled. She had a full crop from eating on the deer and during the night tossed part of that meal up. As it was -6 this morning I moved her into the cage room. Then by noon it was up to 45 so she went back to the 8'x 8' outside pen. She wasn't standing much when I got her but she's fine now altho still hadn't gotten up on a perch when the sun went down. As she is in good weight I won't offer her any food until tomorrow.

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