Saturday, December 19, 2015


Her name is LINNY and she's a victim of gunshot wounds. She still has three pellets in her chest, one in her right leg and three fragments in her right wing. That wing, because of the trauma, has a fractured ulna in two places. None of the pellets are in a place that will permanently harm or kill her. Her wing will be repaired on Monday so she has a very good chance of flying again.

The hangup is that Rough-legged Hawks are only in this area of the world from mid October to mid March. Then they migrate back to their breeding grounds above the Arctic Circle in Northern Canada. LINNY has her work cut out for her. As does Dr. Blessing who will be doing the repair surgery.

UPDATE: The surgery went well but it was discovered that the fracture closest to her wrist happened a few weeks ago, the other one is fresh. She now has a metal pin in the bone that will be in there for about six weeks.

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  1. Of course this evil person will probably not be found. I wish that every person who did something like this would be given a prison term, followed by community service helping you out at Ironside. This just infuriates me.