Saturday, December 12, 2015

Two more eagles

His name is DUNCAN.....
My second trip to rescue an eagle came mid afternoon when Daryl went into the museum and asked the security desk person, Dave, what to do. Dave immediately called me so I could get the directions to where the bird was found.

I met Jeff Duncan About nine miles from Meeteetse, on the way to the Pitchfork, so he could take me to the eagle. It's an eight month old male bald eagle that had been seen on the ground for almost a week. Unfortunately the Meeteetse game warden never returned his calls so the bird was on his own.

The injury probably happened when he was either hit by a vehicle or made a very bad landing. Young birds sometimes don't make the perfect stops. In this case his right wrist joint has been severely damaged, he will never fly again. I will place him at a facility as an educational ambassador so the rest of the world can see this magnificent bird up close.

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