Monday, December 7, 2015

Higher education

Her name is ELSA and she was apparently looking for more classroom work as she was found next to Sheridan College on Friday. The WGF kept her over the weekend because they couldn't find any damage. Then when she refused to fly they called me this noontime. Luckily WGF Warden, Bill Robertson, was coming back home to Greybull so brought her with him. I met him there which saved me lots of time and miles. Have I mentioned that this state has the best wardens and biologists in the world.

She's very nasty and I have the bandage on my right arm as proof. Bald eagles are bad biters and she obviously read that part of the book. I can't find anything wrong either so she's going in to the vet tomorrow morning for some xrays and blood work.

Because she's an adult she will be taken back to that area of Sheridan for release if it turns out she's fixable.

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