Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Catch and release

I received a call from a young lady in Powell saying she had a large owl inside her pigeon coop. Apparently the bird was smart enough to follow them in their one-way door but naturally couldn't leave. The white pigeons were all pretty frantic by the time I got there as the owl had probably been catching them outside the coop for an easy meal.

Pigeons and doves are very fast flyers, owls are not, so I don't know just how many had been made into meals. I scooped up the owl, walked a ways from the coop and released it. I know, it may just return, but I told the owner to cover the one-way door to keep the pigeons in and the owl out. As an adult I couldn't take it away from the area as the mate was there. As long as a free meal is denied, the owl it will go elsewhere for food.

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