Monday, May 18, 2015

Newest patient

I don't often receive downy baby raptors and this is the youngest golden eagle I've ever gotten in. She is about 23-25 days old and is here because she was blown out of the nest on a cliff near the Antelope Coal Mine south of Gillette. Luckily the mine consultants were monitoring the nest quite often and found her the morning after a horrific thunderstorm hit the area.

I met one of their people, Roy, in Tensleep and brought her right back here for care. As I was leaving for CO for three days she immediately went to stay with my subpermittee and master falconer, Chris Pfister. I got back this afternoon, picked her up and she's now in her protected "nest" with a mirror for company. I also placed one of my t-shirts on a board next to her. It has a large painting of a golden eagle head on it so she will know what her parents would look like.

At this point the object is to get her all grown up without becoming an imprint to humans. I'm also getting a poster done up by Chuck Preston of an adult bird as yet another sample for her to identify with.

As you can see, she's trying to figure out who that other baby eagle is.

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