Saturday, May 9, 2015

Home sweet home

Today I took little DAVIS back to his home tree and released him to the care of his parents. Well, that was the plan but the little stinker didn't hear well and decided to just ad lib. I couldn't put him back in the nest as it was waaaaaaaaay up in the top of a cottonwood. However, the tree right next to it was perfect, tons of large branches for him to sit on and let his parents feed him.

That's where he didn't follow the plan. I put him in that tree four times. Each time he jumped/flew off in a different direction, once trying to grab me in the process. I finally decided to keep watch when he headed for a pile of old lumber from a fallen down shed. One of the walls was still standing so by the time he'd made his way almost to the top of that I decided he would be safe. And one of the adults was back on the nest with his sibling.

I asked the home owners to just keep an eye on him and let me know if he needed rescuing again. I just got a photo and note about the baby, he's up in their trees and one parent was with him. Now all he has to do is grow old and become a success in his life. You have to look close to see him in this well camoflaged position in the tree.

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