Sunday, June 1, 2014


Tiny HUIT is still alive this morning and I did get the rest of the cut up mouse down him but he's not asking for food. He does swallow it when I put it in his mouth so that's a good thing. I've written to Kay McKeever, Annick, Stacy and Cathy at The Owl Foundation in ON, Canada for their input on his chances but haven't heard back from them yet. They are marvelous in answering any questions I have about owls I get in. Fingers crossed for this little one.

UPDATE of the update: I just heard back from The Owl Foundation and they believe, from the photo I sent them, that HUIT is only 4-7 days old. That makes a difference. And our weather is horrible now, rain and cold, so I'm going to give him to SMIDGE, my foster GHO mom to raise. She did a wonderful job on two last year.

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