Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The sound of little webbed feet

Some larger than others. I now have three baby Canada Geese here. Eggs were purchased and when they hatched the person found out that he can't keep them as pets and was told to bring them to me. Because they were not under mom when they came out they have no natural oil on their down to make them waterproof. If I put them out in the lake they would become waterlogged and drown. Sooooo, in about six weeks they'll be released in a protected area.
The other babies are Mallards, all six of them. They were found wandering around an apartment complex with no mother in sight. Because it's necessary for these young birds to be brooded, they can't just be taken to water and tossed in. They do have the oil on their down but without an adult to protect them from the cold they would die.

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