Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HUIT update

I should have washed his face after eating.

Tiny HUIT is making strides. He's been on medicine after being diagnosed with trichomoniasis, a protozoan problem, which is highly contagious and often fatal. It sometimes causes a "cheesy" like material in the birds throats which eventually closes it off so the bird can't swallow and eventually starves to death. It can be treated successfully if caught in time.

Luckily that is the case with this baby and he's halfway through his medication. Not thrilled as it's 1cc of a liquid that I squirt into his throat. Foster mom, SMIDGE, is also being treated so she doesn't get it but hers is a pill I have to physically put in her mouth.

The best news is that HUIT is now eating again. He's been taking and swallowing pinky (newborn) mice and keeping them down. He's also on a high calorie liquid food that he's tubed with twice a day. HUIT only weighs a bit over 11 ounces and should be twice that. He also appears to be able to see now which was a great concern. Hopefully this will be resolved and he will be either releasable or placed in a facility as an educational bird.

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