Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rare visitor

This very sad baby is RUFUS, a Great Blue Heron found on the ground after his nest tree blew down. Also found were two siblings and an adult, all dead. He was found last Friday and it took until today for the Kelly family to finally find someone who may be able to help him. Unfortunately he wasn't getting the best type of feed so he's very weak.

I've tried sardines and pureed salmon but he won't keep either down so I'm at a loss right now as to how to save the little guy. I haven't given up but the prognosis is very bleak.

Thank you very much to all the Kelly's for caring enough to try hard for the baby. That included making the three hour drive over the mountain from Sheridan to deliver him.

UPDATE: June 4th: As you can see from this photo, RUFUS is making an amazing turnaround. So far that is. I've been feeding him a product called AD which is a critical care, high calorie, canned food for debilitated dogs and cats. And it is sometimes used in raptors. I don't know if it's ever been used on a fish eating water bird but at this point things are looking up. RUFUS is now able to stand and even walk around a bit while I'm fixing his food. Of course he's not old enough for much movement so just being able to waddle is normal for his age. Especially on those gargantuan feet. Fingers crossed that his condition continues to improve.

PS: You'll note his mouth is open. He's also very opinionated and vocal as to when he wants to be fed.

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