Thursday, August 4, 2016

More road time

Started out yesterday morning with friend Nathan Horton, at 9:00 driving to Riverton to see Jonathan Wood and his raptor show at the Fremont County Fair. I was also going to pick up a baby Northern Harrier from WGF Biologist Willow Steen who was stopping on her way to Dubois.
While I was waiting for her to arrive, the Riverton WGF Warden, Jessica Beecham, called me thinking she would have to drive to Thermop to hand off a baby Kestrel she'd picked up unable to fly. Surprise, I was right there in town so she brought him to me.

Then, because there is a new guy in Lander who is working to become a bird rehabilitator, and needed me to write a letter to our state office on his facility, I made a drive to Lander to check it out and back just in time to meet Willow.

Didn't get to see Jonathan's show after all. To make it more interesting, I got a call before I was back to Cody from Mark McCarty of the Two Dot Ranch, about 20 miles north of Cody. He had what he thought was a juvenile bald eagle unable to fly.

After getting the two babies settled I was off again and found another baby Golden Eagle, the same age as the four I already have. Only this one is in much worse shape. He either has a broken pelvis or back. He and the kestrel will go in tomorrow for xrays.

These photos show baby kestrel, FAIR, baby eagle, 2 DOT, and baby harrier, WILLOW. I'm about to run out of room at the inn.

UPDATE: Baby 2Dot has a fractured spine, he was humanely euthanized.

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