Monday, August 22, 2016

Jenny's owl

Well, I thought that little ELF was going to live in CA at Native Bird Connections with my friend Jenny Papka. Both vets who took xrays of her said that her shoulder was non-repairable and she wouldn't fly again.

ELF didn't see the xrays or consult on that decision so she just decided to fly. I've had her in an 8'x 12' mew and she's been dashing around whenever I went in to give her a mouse or water.

Today I drove to Shoshoni to hand her back to Heather O'Brien, WGF biologist, so she could be returned to where she'd been found. I've been told that she shot out of the crate "like a bat out of hell".

Luckily Heather got a video of that release. It's on my facebook page. Just goes to prove that a teeny bird was able to take her life in her own hands and be wild and free. You go girl!

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