Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another visit

Two years ago I met Jonathan Wood when he was traveling to the northwest for a summer of programs with his raptors. I'd known him for 23 years after he got an adult golden eagle from me but hadn't physically met him until that first visit. Yesterday Jon, Susan and Rachel came for a few days between county fairs in WY and the state fair in SD. This time he brought some birds I'd never seen before. Along with gyr falcons, a black vulture, an eagle owl, barn owls, a peregrine falcon, a caracara, a kestrel, a golden eagle and a bald eagle, he brought harris hawks and aplamado falcons. The last two are only found in south Texas and farther south.

Altho I'd seen photos of aplamado falcons I'd never met one up close and personal. The are a standout. The ones he brought are just babies but they are flying to a lure in training for hunting. It was awesome to watch them come at the lure and eventually were allowed to catch it.

Aplamado falcon up close.
Look to the right of Jon's head and you'll see the aplamado falcon flying.
Gyr falcon coming in to catch the lure.
A field of falcons and two harris hawks in the background.
Baby gyr and Susan after the bird had his flying time. You can tell he's a baby because his feet and cere are still baby blue.
Black vulture and famous bald eagle. The eagle is the one who tried to bite Donald Trump during the Time Magazine shoot.
The caracara, a different looking falcon
Susan and the very large Eurasian eagle owl.

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  1. Lucky you! Aplamodo Falcons are on my most want to see wish list, along with gyre facons.