Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Very sore today

I have a new patient as of yesterday afternoon. His name is BUDDY, a Great Horned Owl who came from Casper and found on the Albertson's property near town. Robin called me about finding him just standing with one droopy wing. It took some doing to get him here as one of the game wardens told her she wasn't allowed to bring the bird to meet me in Shoshoni, he would do it himself. Then his boss said he couldn't so Daniel relented and told Robin she would be able to do that.

I met her around two o'clock and brought the bird home. I originally thought his wing was broken and was amazed that the xrays proved otherwise. His bicep muscle, between his elbow and shoulder, is damaged, don't know the cause. He has a wound on the wing but I didn't do anything other than give him fluids last night as he was traumatized enough. I also left him two mice in his cage.

This morning BUDDY is on his perch, ate his two mice during the night, and is much more alert. This afternoon Nathan is coming over so we can get his wing cleaned up. Then it's time that will tell me if he'll be okay and fly again.

As you can see in the photo taken by Robin before she called me, BUDDY is not a happy camper.

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  1. A handsome bird, hopefully all goes well with him.