Saturday, February 27, 2016

Critical patient

His name is PILOT and he came from off the Gooseberry Creek Rd, south of Meeteetse. I'm sure he was hit by a vehicle and has suffered very bad head trauma. Both his eyes were swollen shut altho his right eye is improving. His left eye may or may not recover. Xrays show no fractures in his skull or anywhere on his body. That's the good news, the bad news is just how much brain trauma he's suffered.

For now he's in a warm place, is on pain medication and I'm tubing him with fluids for a couple days. After that I'll start him on a critical care diet until he's strong enough for solid food.

Thanks to Tim Upton for rescuing this 10 month old male red-tailed hawk. Hopefully he will make it back to the wild.

UPDATE: Sad to say but PILOT died this morning. I believe that he suffered from more internal injuries than showed when he first came in. His xrays were clear but soft tissue doesn't show on film. He tried but it just wasn't to be.

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