Wednesday, February 10, 2016

She's finally away

It took two tries to release SHERRY. The first time she only flew about 100' and came down. When I approached her to make her leave she again flew only a short distance. After doing that a couple more times I just tossed my jacket over her and brought her home.

This time it worked. Nathan and I drove her out to Whistle Creek Road east of Cody and found a perfect release site. We tried off of Eagle Pass but the winds were howling and I didn't want them to push her the wrong way.

When she left the crate, she flew off, made one big circle, and landed on the ground about a quarter mile away. She stood looking at her surroundings probably wondering where the wall was. She roused once and a few minutes later took off again and flew out of our sight behind a hill.

She's been here for many months having come from Sheridan almost starved to death. She'd gained confidence, strength and proved she would make live kills so it was time. I have no idea why she wouldn't fly off the first time a few weeks ago but today it was perfect. As you can tell by my smiling face.

PS: I'm wearing Nathan's GoPro camera so there may be some film of the momentous occasion.

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  1. Another great success! It is odd why she didn't leave the first time, sometimes I really wish I knew what various birds are thinking. Hope Nate's GoPro gave you some interesting photos. A GoPro could be an interesting item for releases.