Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When they don't know......

.....what to do with a strange animal they call me. In this case it was my volunteer, Sara, who called this morning. She had heard from a friend who found this cute little prickly animal near town. And it didn't seem to be afraid, more like someone's pet. Her name, we think it's a female, is SIDNEY. Started out as Sid Vicious as there is apparently some sort of rock "music" person with that name and he has a very wild hairdo.

She only weighs eight pounds so is also possibly a young porcupine. She's been treated for external parasites and is being checked for internal ones. She's eaten corn and carrots from Sara's hand so she's used to humans. Right now she's in one of my mews and seems to be content. I'm trying to find a forever home for her but for now she'll stay here.

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  1. Let's see Bird Lady, Bat Lady, Deer Lady, Porcupine Lady.........Way to go, Susan!