Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting stronger

Handsome HUB is now in a much larger mew. Yesterday afternoon he decided to try and fly to the window in his 6'x 6' area so I decided he needed more room. He's now in my 13'x 20' flight area so he can practice flying. I got the second blood test results and his lead level is going down. And his anemia is at the correct level.

At this point I will not be giving him any chelation treatments as it appears his body is eliminating the lead on its own. He has never shown any symptoms and has gone from 6.9# to 9.2# in two weeks. As you can see in this photo, he's getting ready to finish his meal.

Hopefully, when I do a third blood test in two weeks, the count will be completely normal and he'll be able to go into the flight barn to get strong enough for release.

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