Sunday, January 24, 2016

Major rearrangement

This past week I've had wonderful help in rearranging my cage and storage rooms. Julie helped me clean out two truck loads of stuff from the storage room. Then she and Mic took them to the city dump for me. After there was room, Nathan moved all my bags of wood pellets and shavings to that newly opened space. Previously they took up a lot of floor space in the cage room.

And because I have not been successful in ridding the building of mice, I bought a bunch of containers that have drawers. Now my bandaging material, meds, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. are contained so they won't have a lot of mouse pee and poop all over them.

A couple weeks ago Julie helped me cut up used carpet so that is all now on shelving. I use them for cages and crates so having such a good supply will make it much easier to clean. I have two more shelving units arriving on Tuesday which will go in the storage room to get the remaining stuff up off the floor.

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