Sunday, October 25, 2015

Work day

Three really great friends came by today to help around the place. Nathan and Mike worked on putting up a fence around the yard to keep bunnies from entering. I'm very protective of my rabbits and don't want the dogs catching any of them. I had chicken wire up around the fence but between the dogs jumping on it to greet people and the weather, it began to sag enough the rabbits would just hop over it.

Now there's a sturdy welded wire fence around the lower half that will hopefully keep everyone apart. Of course if the snow gets to be a couple feet deep that may not work.

Julie helped me clean pens, put water in the pool in the eagle barn so I was able to stock it with a fish for JACKSON to "catch". Then we both cleaned up the bunny barn. I had already stacked the two cords of wood so they didn't have to help there.

This coming Spring both Julie and Nathan will be pruning my trees to help them along. I'm not knowledgeable enough to do that work but they are both good at it. Nathan has been after me to prune for a couple years, guess it's about time it was done.

Sara was going to come help on the crew but she got the flu and wasn't able to get here. She was in spirit tho. Thanks to the super people for volunteering for the hard stuff.

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