Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another release

This time it's TRAINER, a young male Short-eared Owl found near railroad tracks in Casper. When he got here I couldn't figure out what was wrong but there didn't seem to be any physical damage. I questioned his eyesight but if there was a problem it corrected itself. I started giving him live prey a few days ago and he immediately caught them and had a good meal.

With help from friend Julie Kenney, TRAINER was released at the same spot I let two other baby short-ears go, it's a super habitat for these day hunters. The first photo was as he left the crate, the second was moments later and a good distance away and high. Thanks to Heather O'Brien, WGF in Casper, for meeting me half way for the handoff. She's done this more than once for me and it helps considerably when the drive would have been more than six hours total.

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