Sunday, October 18, 2015

Amazing release!

Back on July 22 I received a call from Bob Divaccaro about a downed raven in his yard on Sage Drive. The bird was unable to fly because his right hand was broken so I gathered him up and brought him here. I didn't think there was a chance of the raven flying again but he was such a character and a super eater I just gave him time.

And that time was worth it, I released the raven on a ranch outside of Cody where there are lots of ravens living and a good prey base. His first flight wasn't a long one but when I approached him he took off and this was the resulting photo. He made a few other flights while I was there as if he couldn't believe he was actually out in the wild again without a wall to stop him.

NOTE: You'll notice his mouth is open. As with most ravens, they talk constantly and this one certainly had a lot to tell his friends.

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