Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's fishy

I spent three hours this morning following members of Trout Unlimited and volunteers as they worked to save trout trapped in the local canals after the water had been turned off. To do this two guys lugged around a very heavy backpack with a large battery in it. They then lowered a yellow wand and sent a low voltage pulse into the water. It's not enough to kill fish but it does stun them for a few seconds. Long enough for all the volunteers to scoop them up in a net.

The fish are then transferred to a holding tank with oxygen pumped into it. Today's first run was very small. Instead of getting hundreds of trout they only had 15 by the time I left. What I was after, and what they provided, were non-trout fish to feed my bald eagle. I came home with 18 from medium to large. I put four in the eagles pond, hopefully she'll like them.

TU will be shocking again tomorrow and twice the beginning of November so I'll have a supply of fish in my freezer that will last a few weeks. With the high cost of whole trout in the grocery store, this has been a wonderful windfall.

NOTE: She like them! She really liked them!

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