Saturday, August 8, 2015

Road work

And I don't mean my running down the road or repairing it. This has been my driving schedule since July 31st and the total round trip miles for each one, almost 1200 total miles in nine days.

7/31 - to Thermopolis to pick up a Swainson's Hawk and a Silver-haired bat, 166 miles

8/3 - to Thermop to pick up two young Great Horned Owls, 166 miles

8/5 - to south of Wright to release two young Golden Eagles and pick up a baby Swainson's Hawk, 627 miles

8/8 - to Red Lodge, MT to pick up a young Great Horned Owl, 130 miles

8/9 - to Sheridan to pick up the immature Golden Eagle shown in the above post, 294 miles

My poor truck is a couple hundred miles overdue for an oil change. Hopefully by the first of the week I can get that scheduled in and done.

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