Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Deja vu all over again

You can see how high the nest platform is. That's mom standing above her.
Remember GRUMPY? Well, it's happened again. This is BREEZE, a fledgling Osprey who was found hanging upside down below her nest platform. She was caught up in fishing line and it had wound around her right leg above her hock. Sort of like an embedded collar on a dog, the line cut in around the entire leg. Thanks to Game Warden, Bill Robertson, she was rescued and brought here. He also did a good job of holding her while I removed all the line, applied an antiseptic spray and bandaged her leg.

At first glance I was sure the foot was dead but she is standing on it, can move the toes, and has a super attitude. I don't know how long she hung there but I have my fingers crossed that this will all heal and she'll be releasable. She was found on the Torchlight Oil Field near Basin.

SAD UPDATE: After having her bandage changed this morning this amazing young bird decided it was too much. She died shortly after I brought her home. I hope this is the last of the osprey I get in with this type of damage.


  1. This makes me wonder how often this happens, with osprey often nesting where fisherman hang out. Hoping he does OK.

  2. Thanks for all you are doing to save this lovely lady. I pick up fishing line whenever I see it, now I know why!

  3. Now I know why I pick up discarded fishing line! Deadly trash! Thanks Susan for all you are doing. O