Monday, June 24, 2013


Nic releasing CARTER, a Rough-legged Hawk he and Joyce rescued from the side of the road after the bird had been hit by a car.

Just a few days ago this amazing man, Nic Patrick, went out to change water in his fields. He and his dog were doing their job when the world fell apart. A sow grizzly with two yearling cubs showed up and attacked both of them. It's not known what set her off but when it was all over both Nic and his dog were severely injured. He had his cell phone but in the attack it was knocked to the ground and the battery fell out.

Nic said she came back for him twice and if there would have been a third time he probably wouldn't have survived. He managed to make it back to the house but so his grandkids wouldn't see his wounds he wrapped a towel over his head. His wife, Joyce, and daughter were at the house waiting for his return so they could go on a hike.

Nic is now in a Denver hospital and will be there for about four weeks so he can receive needed surgery to repair all the damage done to his face and body. The injuries are severe but he seems to have a great attitude as I've been told. The dog was in the hospital today to have a tube removed and altho he looks a bit rough he's recovering too.

Nic's comment to the G&F people was "don't kill the bear". She is being sought so they can determine if she has a history of aggressive behavior. I've known Nic, Joyce and the kids for over 20 years and he's also on my board of directors. I've always thought he was Superman but now I know it's true.

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