Sunday, June 30, 2013

Teeny baby

Here the baby is suckling on the foam tip of an eye makeup applicator. It's taken off the plastic handle, cut in half and soaked with the warm milk formula. Amazing!

Today I got a call from Murphy in Billings about a baby bat she found on the ground outside her apartment building. I have taken care of bats in the past altho most of them are adults or older young that are rescued from a dangerous roost. I put them in a safer place and walk away

This time the baby is only a few days old. I contacted the people at Bat World in TX for information in the care and feeding of one so young. $35 later I have all the supplies for making up the baby bat formula. I would assume this is a little brown bat, the most common one around here.

Hopefully this very teeny bat will survive and I'll be able to release him in a safe habitat. Thanks Murphy for driving all the way to help what some people would call ugly. He's handsome to me and all who love bats.

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