Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three's a charm

View looking back to my truck at the area where the owls were released. Awesome!
ROBERTA making short work in leaving her crate.
AMELIA and WILBUR also quickly heading out.
Both babies on the way to their new life in the wild. I wished them well and to live a long life.

Today I released three GHO's up the Northfork Hiway near the Holy City just past Wapiti. It was a most beautiful day and the habitat was outstanding, exactly what owls look for. There was ROBERTA, foster mother and her two foster kids, AMELIA and WILBUR. It was even great that the two young owls went in the same direction altho mom did deviate to the right a bit. I'm sure that they will reconnect by this evening or soon after.

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