Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two of a kind

I rarely get in ravens but yesterday it happened twice. The top photo is BEAN, a young barely fledged bird found caught in her nest in the Park Co. Fairgrounds. They had to get the power company to use their bucket truck to get the bird out of the nest. And to add to the problem, there was a small mass of string caught around one foot and leg. Luckily the circulation wasn't cut off but for some reason this young raven just won't fly or stand for very long. Xrays show nothing wrong so I'll give her time to see what happens.

The lower photo is an adult found in a yard in Sheridan. It is unknown just what caused the wing to break but they had a very severe storm there last Thursday with tangerine sized hail stones. The lady who found him was willing to make the long drive to Cody to see if he could be fixed. She lost four buildings in the storm but her main thought was to find help for this bird. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow to see if the fractured radius and ulna can be fixed.

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