Friday, January 25, 2013

"Toe" shoes

Now don't laugh too hard. FRANNIE got her new shoes this evening. I removed the flat ones and put splints on each of the four toes on her feet. They can move up and down slightly and at this point I hope she keeps them on long enough to make a difference.

This amazing bird has come a long way since I got her two weeks ago. Her lead level was 1.54ppm which is extremely high. Today it is 0.32ppm, a dramatic drop in the number. She's eating cut up rats on her own out of a small ceramic dish as she can't rip and tear on her own. She'd need her feet for that.

I am so excited at this improvement and altho it's not a sure thing by a long shot, her chances of overcoming this horrible poisoning are much better. Thanks Sara for giving me a helping hand with this undertaking.

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