Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thanks Troopers

I want to thank Wyoming State Troopers, Todd Hardesty, Laurie Crocker and Scott Hall for helping to save injured raptors. Todd stood by and guarded an adult male Golden Eagle on Hiway 294 after the bird had been hit by a vehicle. Laurie, another Golden Eagle up near the Chief Joseph turnoff suffering from severe lead poisoning. Scott, just last Sunday, a Rough-legged Hawk that had also been hit by a vehicle.

TROOPER ROCCO was released back where he was found. Unfortunately JOSEPHINE succumbed to the lead in her system and the outcome for JAWS us still up in the air as we can't figure out what the damage is to his wing. It is amazing that these wonderful people would take the time, and care enough, to help injured birds. Thanks again.

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